Mr & Mrs Newman have been using our services for two years and we have completed many projects for them. This lounge was redecorated in 2014 due to an upstairs leak, which completely ruined the artex ceiling.  After careful advice we decided that the best course of  action would be to repair & skim coat plaster the ceiling for a new modern flat look feel.

So that’s what we did.

They then chose a colour from the Dulux trade colour card Almond white matt emulsion, woodwork was sanded prepared undercoated  and finished in white satin finish.

Mrs Newman also decorated each curtain rail to match the walls as the originals were faded and worn.  The end result was superb and the uplift to the room and smooth surfaces made the room feel brand new and a joy to spend any time of day in.

Once again Chris & Paulette, thanks for choosing Paintwise!


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