Rich and Rustic

First was the idea… We liked neutrals for the room but we also loved a contrasting feature using vividly bold striking colours. We also wanted the modern TV and speakers to feel  in place with the room along with the Native American ornaments, pictures and the rustic woodwork had to flow too.

We started by striping all walls and ceiling area.

Once prepared we filled where necessary and skim coat plastered the complete area for a smooth sound finish.

We removed the two existing red tiled window sills and replaced them using new wood, which was then stained several times using Libron wax, bringing the wood to as near as a match to the granary furniture

Walls & ceilings were given a miss coat followed by two coats of Jasmine white for the main walls and the feature wall was from a crown trade colour card code:Z0233X. Finally curtains and cushions were purchased from Next Home.

Before After


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